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Typically, the order should be placed at least one week in advance of your date to secure availability. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total price is due when the order is placed.



Dessert Menu


French Macarons

This delicate dessert with robust flavor is available in classic and seasonal flavors. All macarons are filled with ganache.  The base ase price of macarons is $2 with minimum order of 20 macarons.



A pyramid of bite-size cream puffs coated and held in place with caramelized sugar. This dessert is popular choice in Europe and is typically served for special occasion. The base price of croquembouche serving 30 guests is $90.  Decoration with edible flowers or edible decoration is available at additional price.


Patterned Mini Cakes

For a truly modern look, this dessert can reflect different styles and is perfect for wedding celebrations. Classic or seasonal filing is wrapped with patterned cake and topped with ganache. The base price of mini cakes is $5. Additional charges will apply for extra decoration.



The base price of the cupcakes, with flavor of your choice is $2.50 for an order of 25 servings. Prices may vary and depending on the complexity of design.


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Rose

No words can describe the sensory experience of eating this dessert! A perfect wedding favor or Valentine Day sweet. The individual price is $8 or 20 roses for $120.


Cake Pops

This is a very diverse bite-size dessert that is a popular favor choice from children's birthday parties to weddings. The base price of cake pops is $2. Prices may vary and depending on the complexity of design.